Thursday, October 28, 2010

Alabama's Best Outdoor Magazines and Publications

Alabama offers some of the best hunting and fishing anywhere in the nation. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy lots of time in the wild hunting water fowl, migratory birds, deer, turkeys, wild hogs, or fishing in our numerous rivers, lakes, streams, farm ponds, estuaries, and even the Gulf of Mexico. Our state offers a rich diversity of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Because we have so many devotees to all things outdoors, Alabama has some great outdoor publications. Below is a list of a few of the periodicals devoted to giving you the scoop on how to get more enjoyment from your time in the field or on the water.

Alabama Outdoor News- AON has been around for several years now, and their Truck Buck Shootout has been wildly popular with readers. They offer some amazing prizes for subscribers that harvest the largest deer each week during the long Alabama white tail season.

Bassmasters- Bassmasters has been a favorite in Alabama and the standard by which many other outdoor publications are judged. Since being founded by Ray Scott in 1967, it has become the "Bible of bass fishermen". Ray Scott also founded the Whitetail Institute of North America.

Buckmasters- Jackie Bushman, a native of Alabama, founded Buckmasters in an effort "to unite America's deer hunters." You can find information about most anything related to whitetail deer hunting in Buckmasters' glossy pages.

Great Days Outdoors- GDO is a well-rounded outdoor mag that highlights many facets of hunting and fishing in Alabama and all along the Gulf Coast. You will find great articles on everything from crow hunting to finding Indian artifacts to fishing for red snapper or taking a spring gobbler. I have known Alan White and his son, Aaron, for several years and they have allowed me to contribute to their magazine in the past.

Outdoor Alabama Magazine- The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resourcescreated this magazine as a way to "share the wonder" of our great state. You will find helpful articles on many recreational activities, state parks, and wildlife-related information. It is particularly helpful that much of what is written highlights information from a regulatory viewpoint. Readers can gain practical insights about hunting, baiting, and game management within the guidelines of the DCNR and Fish and Wildlife Services.

Other notable publications and websites include:


  • Alabama Forest Owners Assocation
  • Alabama Treasure Forest Association
  • Alabama Forestry Association
  • Alabama Forest Owners
  • Hunting

  • Alabama Game and Fish
  • Alabama Hunting Today
  • Alabama Wildlife Federation 


  • General Outdoor Information

  • Thicket Magazine
  • Birmingham Magazine

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