Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In this market, exposing your piece of property to all potential buyers is essential to selling your rural land.

Are prospective buyers aware that your land is for sale, and if so, are they informed about the great features your property offers?

When interviewing a real estate agent to list your rural land, ask the question one of my sellers asked me: "What are you going to do to market my property to buyers?"

I love that question, because I have every intention of marketing my listings; that is one of the ways I earn my money. I have a multi-pronged plan to market rural properties here in west Alabama.

1. Online marketing- Your land absolutely must be advertised online! The days of buyers jumping in the car and riding around to see every rural property on the market are all but over. Some statistics say that 85% of buyers are searching for properties online before they head out to look. Is your land listing advertised where buyers are looking? Your tract needs to be available from the front page of Google for search terms relevant to your land.

2. Custom signs- You pay your agent a fair commission to help you sell your land. It is fair to expect your agent to invest some money in marketing your property. Almost every real estate company uses signs to identify an available property. We believe the sign should be about your land, and not just our company. We have 4'x4' custom signs made to highlight the features of every tract we list. That way people driving by can see important information about your property and call or go online for more details. I got a call from one of my signs this afternoon.

3. Print Media- Print media is very expensive, as you may know if you tried to sell your land "by owner". It can be an effective means of selling rural land if used correctly. One reason that classifieds can be successful for selling land is that some of the buyers are older and more accustomed to the paper and not so comfortable with the internet. These buyers often have plenty of money, but are not always tech savvy. Reaching these prospects in a medium they use is crucial.

4. Network of Buyers- Having an agent with a database or network of prospective buyers and investors is imperative. One unique feature about AlaLandCo is that our agents work together to inform our combined sets of contacts about our rural properties.

There are a few other things we do to help Alabama Landowners sell their rural properties. When you are looking for a real estate agent in Alabama who specializes in selling hunting land, recreational tracts, farmland, or timber investments please contact AlaLandCo. If you are looking for a land agent to assist you in selling your land in west Alabama, please contact me. Every real estate company is not the same; every agent cannot help you market your rural land effectively. Choose a company and an agent that is dedicated to selling rural land. In the field and online, trust Jonathan Goode to help you sell your land in west Alabama.


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