Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Book Every Alabama Landowner Must Have

Everyone who owns Alabama hunting land, timberland, recreational property, or any wildlife enthusiast must get a copy of "Managing Wildlife" presented by the Alabama Wildlife Federation.

This book is a compilation of a seemingly endless supply of useful information for land owners or wildlife enthusiasts. The book has chapters devoted to managing and improving habitat for whitetail deer, turkeys, small game, water fowl, non-game animals, and many other topics of interest to landowners. The chapters are filled with practical, cost-efficient, and well-researched insights into making your land the most conducive for various species.

 This book is well-balanced for those who want more than a basic overview of wildlife-related issues, but is not as tedious as reading research papers. Over 550 pages filled with tips, hints, photographs, and insights will be sure to entertain and educate anyone who has an interest in improving the wildlife populations on your property.

Improving wildlife habitat and establishing healthier populations is also a way to add value to your property. Many of these improvements can be made for next to free, allowing you to build some sweat equity in your land.

This book is a must-have and would make a great gift for those who love land and wildlife. I received a copy for Christmas this year, and have been enthralled with this read. I highly recommend it to any Alabama landowner or wildlife enthusiast.

Posted via email from Jonathan Goode- Alabama Land Agent


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