Sunday, April 4, 2010

Springtime is the Right Time to Preview Rural Land in Perry County, Alabama

Springtime is a great time to preview rural land for sale in Perry County, Alabama.

You never know what you are going to see when you are out looking at land. I was riding through a pasture near Uniontown and came across this family of red fox living in a hay barn. A mother and 8 or 9 kits called this barn home for several weeks, and it was fun to watch the young ones play and learn to thrive.

This is just one reason why I enjoy showing people rural tracts of land. Springtime brings the world back to life, and plants and animals are astir and busy with the tasks of survival.

These pine trees are actively spreading their pollen. I had never seen clouds of pollen like the ones I saw today in Marion.

Springtime is great for previewing rural land because the trees are not in full foliage yet to obstruct your views and the temperature is cool enough to be pleasant as you are walking a property.

Many sellers have had their land on the market for a while and are ready to negotiate more on the prices. Buyers have been watching available properties and know a good deal when they see it.

Perry County, Alabama offers some of the best hunting land anywhere at some of the best prices in the state. Alabama has the lowest property taxes in the nation, so investing in land in West Alabama makes fiscal sense.

If you are considering purchasing farmland, hunting land, recreational tracts, or an investment tract, please come to Perry County while the weather is cool and let's go find your piece of west Alabama.


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