Sunday, January 31, 2010

Late Winter and Early Spring are Great for Looking at Land

Now is the time to preview rural property. Let's look at 5 reasons why you should head out to preview land right now.

1. The leaves are still off the trees, giving you a better look at what is actually on a property. During spring and summer foliage can be so thick that it makes viewing a tract more difficult, but now you have longer views than at any other time of the year.

2. Deer hunters are out of the woods. In Alabama, which has one of the longest hunting seasons, it is often not desirable to preview a property that is being hunted or adjacent to one where hunters are present. Now the dangers associated with that are gone, and you should be able to freely explore a prospective property.

3. Snakes and insects have not emerged yet.

4. After the first of the year many landowners are willing to try something new to help their property sell more quickly. This may mean a price reduction, owner financing, or some other incentive that might make the deal more attractive. This can help strengthen the negotiating position of the buyers.

5. This is the wet season in Alabama. I always commend seeing a property at its "worst." You want to know what the worst case scenario you will face on a potential purchase. If you see a property at its worst and still like what you see, then you can buy with confidence. Alabama is particularly wet right now. We average about 50 inches of rain in Perry County and this year we received over 80 inches of precipitation. That is nearly 3 feet of additional rain! Getting onto a property now will show you a property at the wettest it should be in 50 years.

If you are interested in purchasing rural property, now is a great time to get on the land. Take advantage of this season to gain the most useful information about a prospective purchase. If the property happens to be in rural Alabama, please give me a call.


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