Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alabama Land Owners get Help from Government Programs

Many landowners in Alabama would benefit greatly from programs offered by several local government agencies. Each county in Alabama has a Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) office and an Alabama Forestry Commission office. These offices are staffed with incredibly knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about helping Alabama landowners maximize the quality of their properties and commodities such as cropland, timber, and livestock. These public servants can offer guidance on issues ranging from water management to protecting your home from wildfires.

Each office has a list of programs designed to help landowners increase the functionality, safety, and quality of their lands. They do this by defining certain characteristics of your land where they can offer help. These programs work by cost-sharing on a percentage basis with the landowner. The cost-sharing percent varies by program, with many offering to split the cost with the landowner from 50% to 75%! These offerings cover projects such as: cross-fencing pasture, creating fire lanes, invasive species elimination, site preparation for planting, consulting and providing trees for reforestation projects, opinions on thinning plantations, and many other helpful opportunities.

Enrolling in one of these projects involves contacting your local office and speaking with your county agent. They will expertly direct you into which programs you should apply for and how to qualify for the program that best fits your objectives. You will be required to apply for certain for specific programs, and your acceptance is generally based on a priority system that the board designates. Most all of the applicants can qualify for assistance in some way. Please contact your local agent to find out how to take advantage of these programs. Below are the web links to the various Alabama offices. Please let them know I recommended them!

Natural Resources Conservation Service-

Invasive Plant Management, Irrigation Water Management, EQIP, and Forest Health Initiative

Alabama Forestry Commission-

Managing Wildlife and Forests, Wildfire, Insect and Invasive Species Programs


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